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Beechwood Guest Suite

Living area size: Width 5.1m x Length 23.1m x Internal Height 3.2m
Membrane area size: Width 7.7m x Length 11.1m x Apex Height 3.0m

Deck Area: 8.3 x 23.1mm

Firepit: 4.6 x 3.0m
Frame Material: Timber.
Membrane material selection: Outer roof Architectural PVC inner Tenting
Balcony: 65.0 ㎡
Elevation off ground: 600mm
Walling: Timber & Framed Glass
Wind load: 144km/h

Savanna Beechwood 04-s.png
Savanna Beechwood 05-s.png
Savanna Beechwood 06-s.png
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